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Our meat processing company Mesarstvo Oblak from Žiri is proud of its twenty year tradition. We bring the company's vision into reality by combining tradition and the latest technology. In our new operating and production plant with contemporary technological equipment we manufacture:
fresh meat, smoked meat, homemade salami, boiled products such as Ham in Wrap, sausages Dravska klobasa, Posebnica, Posebnica with garden vegetables, Extra Sausage, Paris Sausage, Alpine Salami, Emona salami as well as frankfurter sausages of innovative and full taste.

We have acquired the mark of quality SQ, introduced the ISO 9001:2008 system as well as HACCP preventive system for achieving higher quality. We pay special attention to meat traceability, which means that is known when the cattle was slaughtered and what is the farm of its origin.

We are aware of the importance of healthy life style for modern consumer. We have developed two completely new production lines: VIVASTIL and VIVAFIT.


E VIVASTIL trademark stands for products without preservatives and additives: frankfurter sausages, salami Extra Salami, Ham in Wrap and Dry Cured Salami. With re_ ned selection of tastes one can tint the menu according to one's mood of the moment, or simply let go to the play of new culinary possibilities and enjoy.




Ponedeljek - petek: 06:00 – 17:00
Sobota: 06:00–13:00

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Mesarstvo Oblak, d. o. o.
Industrijska 17, Žiri

T: 04 51 05 660
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